Dreamstate (2015)

by Axon-Neuron

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"Dreamstate (2015) " is a complete remix and remaster of the 2012 sophomore album from Axon-Neuron.

"Dreamstate" is a continuation of the rich, jazz-harmony and orchestrally influenced progressive rock sound of the 2011 debut album, "Brainsongs," but with a new influence of Meshuggah and Animals As Leaders inspired progressive metal. The arrangements are denser and more complex, and some new sounds are explored with the guitars and keyboards. Vocalist Sandra Kung joins the group for this release, contributing piano to many tracks, with Joe Leaman taking over the keyboard chair, exclusively playing the Fender Rhodes on this album. Guitarist and composer Jeremey Poparad utilizes the Roland GR-55 guitar synth on the opening track, "Bloom," (the only true keyboard on this track is Joe Leaman's Rhodes), as well as a custom 9-string electric guitar, which spans an octave below and a fourth above a conventional 6-string. Bassist Matt DeRubertis takes the spotlight on "Soñar," utilizing a variety of effects to create a haunting, high-pitched melody with his bass. Drummer Elliot Wallace rounds out the band, and lastly, returning again is the studio string orchestra, expanding the sound of the group on a number of tracks.

Another point of interest is the final track of the album, "Danseuses de Delphes," by 19th century French impressionistic composer Claude Debussy, arranged for the group by Jeremey Poparad. Originally a work for solo piano, as part of his two books of preludes.

"Dreamstate" has been completely reworked to create a mix that is more balanced and full than the original, with superior clarity of all the interwoven sounds on these dense compositions. Both "Dreamstate" and "Brainsongs" will be receiving a sonic update in 2015 in preparation for the group's forthcoming third album, "Metamorphosis."


released February 19, 2015

Sandra Kung - Voice, Piano
Jeremey Poparad - Guitar
Joe Leaman - Rhodes
Matthew DeRubertis - Bass
Elliot Wallace - Percussion

String Orchestra:
Violins - Allison Lint, Flora Nevarez
Violas - Allison Lint
Cellos - Mark Allan Schulz, Hannah Thomas-Hollands
Double Bass - Matthew DeRubertis, Frank McGill


all rights reserved



Axon-Neuron Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Bloom
It begins with a seed
Oh so small and unassuming
Not a hint of the majesty
And spectacle soon forthcoming

In a hostile world
Indifferent to this tiny seed
Seeking an open clearing
In crowded soil choked by weeds

The chances are slim
The future is grim
For this sapling to blossom at all

Now what is needed most
To realize these dauntless dreams
Is to grasp a gaze at you
Bathed in your brilliant beams

If only given a moment's chance
To take firm root and grow
With love and shelter and nurturing care
Its beauty and brilliance will show

So bold in its hue
Its colors so true
Revealing its beauty to all

Your light emanates
Your warmth permeates
You allow me to bloom (to bloom, to bloom)

The once vulnerable seed
Has grown into a mighty tree
Strong and secure in stature
To branch out and bloom so free

A beauty mature
Perfect and pure
A beacon of radiance to all

Your light emanates
Your warmth permeates
You allow me to bloom (to bloom, to bloom)
Track Name: Machina
Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick
The release and capture
Spinning gears and rigid mechanisms
Life mechanical
The past and future
Interactions of fluid organisms

I seek out patterns
An arrangement closely knit
Sorted into a grand classification
I find comfort in order
Understanding how the pieces fit
One by one yielding to unification

The framework is set
The logic as yet is soundly expressed
My mind is at rest

Chaos interrupts

As I began to feel confidence
Within my magnificently managed machinery
You appear and inject creatively colorful unpredictability into it all

I must reevaluate
I must recalculate my approach
Reacting to the new enchanting mystery
I must truthfully admit
I rather enjoy it through and through
Tearing apart all the cogs of my machinery

The old system had become grotesque
So dust covered and set in its way
In an attempt to discover beauty statuesque
I obtained a drab scene of dull shades of gray in its place

Shattering absolutes, new-found dreaming renews adoration

Vita ex machina
Track Name: Whole
Hole, lacking fulfillment
Missing just one last piece
Try as I may to be wholly sufficient
Obtaining this remains out of reach

All that I achieve, all I accomplish
How farther could I reach with assistance?
Someone to make me whole

Life's greatest gifts, all the memories had
Have greater meaning if shared

Sole, singular vision
Strong, clear in its focus
Though I may see what's in front of me clearly
Blind we are to our periphery

Life seen through the lens of my existence
So narrow in scope, limited distance
Open up my eyes to a sight
Richer than my tired black and white
You help make me whole

Challenge me, strengthen me
Inspire me to be more
Expose me to new thoughts and new ways
Life, completely lived

Whole, give in completely
To all my ambitions
Conceding not to my old inhibitions
Walking my path with a companion
Track Name: Soñar
We met in a dream
A beauty of perfect elegance graced my sight
Was it as it seemed?
Would this wonderful prelude persist beyond the night?

A miracle so rare
I was unprepared
To say what needed to be said
Before the opportunity fled

Each day the dream returned
The motions and sights
The sounds and the lights
But dimmer, softer, and weakened each time

Increasingly concerned
I tried to deny it
But actions implied it
The dream had faded, diminished with time

So powerless to stop
Losing my grip on this intangibly sweet spectre
Quickly waking up
Paradise flew away on an unyieldingly terse vector

If I could return
With what I have learned
To say what sadly went unsaid
Before all hopeful dreaming was dead
Track Name: No Más

Lovingly extended, but my reach has come up short
Once a mighty symphony of beauty, attraction
Soured now by discord and cacophony
Thoughts careen and crash within my mind

No Más

Blinded by biology, impulse and instinct took control
A misfire of neurons, nervous flutters, butterflies, stammers and cold chills of another kind
Crashing from euphoric high, facing now a harsh reality
Cerebral cortex suddenly short circuiting, chemical imbalance fully floods my mind
Overwhelmed with unreciprocated love
Track Name: Maelstrom
The sea is serene
The once wild winds have waned
The water's soft sheen
A cool, calm composure it has gained

Ready to embark on a vast voyage
Boldly blazing a trail ahead
Making mirrored waves in your stead
Setting sail on your command to 'engage'

I will be your port of safe harbor
In rough seas I will be your anchor
I will be a shelter from the maelstrom

In all the journeys in time and space,
What is a traveler without a loyal companion?

Amber pierces the demure dawn sky
The sun breaks free of the horizon's ally
Should the sun sear too strongly
Baking your Icarus wings
Should the skies swiftly sour
Bringing thunder and lightening

I will be your port of safe harbor
In rough seas I will be your anchor
I will be a shelter from the maelstrom

In a prior scene
Your companions promised the moon
As a chimera in a dream,
They showed their evanescent nature and fled so soon

Despite those deserters' show of character so poor
I will weather the storms and squalls
I will remain through the tide's rise and fall
We will intrepidly embrace the world we explore

I will be your port of safe harbor
In rough seas I will be your anchor
Holding fast waiting for you faithfully
Shore to shore, sea to sea, here I'll be
I will be a shelter from the maelstrom
Track Name: The Fountain
The air is mostly still
An almost imperceptible breeze drifts by
The night sky is overcast
No Moon at all to remedy this darkness
Absent from its celestial post

Instead a lamppost burns for me
That unnatural orange-pink glow illuminates
I am here again tonight
Like on so many previous nights
Again I pay visit to an old friend
To hear him speak his timeless speech

He is silent Tonight

My friend, the fountain, typically sputters and gargles, hisses and roars
It is of course nothing but babble
But I'm soothed by it anyway
The chaos and the crashing
So constant is this disorder that it fades away
Replaced by a soft, even nothingness

No matter how extremely strong these turbulent storms
They're drowned out under the waves of noise
The pouring rain becomes a drop in the ocean
The raging hurricane acquiesces to an infinite sea of tranquility

Tonight my friend is silent
The water drained, the pools dry as a bone
He, too, is absent from his post

He is silent Tonight
Track Name: The Stars
The Earth stands still, wrapped in dark wings
The bed of shimmer solace, drift in a sea of sleep
Alone the traveler gazes past the stones
Before the blazing colors, the anatomy of the sun

And all the world can't see
The life that drifts so free

The stars

The trails of light leave us blinded,
The silent giants in the ring, leave us breathless
The traveler wonders how he got here
A heaven beyond the dreams, a light behind the dark

And all the world can't see
The life that drifts so free

The stars

The stars

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