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by Axon-Neuron

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Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold thumbnail
Mark Arnold This remains one of the most extraordinary albums I own. How can they top this? It will be a wild ride finding out.
Deidre House
Deidre House thumbnail
Deidre House If you listen to the lyrics it sounds like they took the concept of "math rock" a bit too literally. Seriously though, this is an amazing double album of progressive rock/metal! Featuring clean female vocals and a small orchestra, I can recommend this VERY highly to anyone who likes prog. Favorite track: Eulogy.
Per Sundbom
Per Sundbom thumbnail
Per Sundbom Absolutely astonishing music! So creative and progressive and ugly and beautiful. A truly prog masterpiece. Well done!!
Tobias Linhardt
Tobias Linhardt thumbnail
Tobias Linhardt When I listened to this album I immediately had the impression that this music was written just for me! It's exactly the mix of styles that I like and it's an ambitious modern symphony with many themes and variations. I love it and I thank you for that!
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Prelude I 06:28
Euclid 04:31
A pair of parallel lines never intersect, X, Y, Z Stretching, spreading into the vast, infinite span of space Traveling along one of these planes A straight line sees many things Always marching onward towards the end of all time Take this line, its pitch and its slope Copy its every quirk and nuance But start later, Shift it a mere fraction of a fraction A sliver of a degree, Either one way or the other Pushed over, pushed over Now these two exactly duplicate lines Simpatico in all of their identity Will never meet, will never cross Will never know of the others existence Alone in their universe, Though their eternal mate may only be a hair's breadth away Enter the presence of a massive local event A gravity beyond trivial calculation Warping space and bending the geometry of time Until our two parallel lines arc toward each other Intersecting in a chance kiss No longer eternally alone
Suspicions 05:48
A lake serene, so placid blue A body so calm, so soft, so smooth A ripple, a tiny tremor spreads Reveals below a presence that treads Dark azure waves obscure a view At what might lurk beneath the hue Beast or beauty, which is it there? And which of these to most beware? Suspicions begin to emerge and float Second-guessing sways and rocks the boat These little bubbles of doubt now rise A boiling sea of questioning eyes This chimera climbs up from the depths It bellows and beats upon its chest The skies are dark with violent gloom The creature heralds impending doom The tranquil water has given chase A raging squall has assumed its place But was this demon born at sea Or always, has it been inside of me?
Shattered 05:58
Glass, so smooth, so pure this gem Oceans of light pour through its lens Observe the spectrum, fractured it stems Drawn from a fire, a blazing inferno Blown into form, hardened external Youthfully flawless, unscathed by the world Everything breaks down, down to the ground it is hurled Shattering, splintering, spiderweb, smash All the pristine perfection, gone, swept up as trash Naïve to believe it could last, now it's passed Dissolved back into the sands of time Ruminating now on the once masterfully crafted design Absent, so now that which I am powerless to I resign I spy a spec of ash A shard of glass, a sudden flash Spun out, away is shed Loose grasp, downward sped Sharp, shiny, shapes spin about A shower of prisms skew the in and out Light shifts through the spectrum Split and splintered by disordered refraction Deflect, reflect Genuflect, Introspect The future is confused through the fragments of the past
Koan 03:42
A riddle with no clear answer A puzzle with no matching piece I don't pretend to understand This illogic in the least The hints, the clues Seem to abound But when carefully assembled No solution is found I recombine, reevaluate I take a step away I approach with a different view This barrier will not sway Frustrations are beginning to mount I turn to help from outside advice “All signs point to X,” the chorus shouts But X is not found, despite all I try I question my senses I doubt my perception Surely, these signs Would not yield rejection? I acquiesce Embrace aporia I lack the knowledge To unlock euphoria Somewhere in this madness In this living koan Lies a hidden truth Remaining to all unknown
Eyes 06:04
Perception is an odd phenomenon What we see is not always what was seen Until the facts of what occurred Become blurred and obscured And become what we wish had been Raise the blinds! Rise and shine! Let the sunlight bathe your view Open your eyes, take it in The details in saturated hue The pupils dilate, contract Adjust to the influx of light Through the cornea, strike the retina Begin the sensation of sight Impulses shoot up the optic nerve Split through the processing streams Arriving at the temporal lobe You begin to make sense of things But what if the sight is too much to hold? The triggered emotions too much to control? To escape the confusion Anxiety, and intrusion You blind yourself from seeing all of the whole Gloss over all the stress And smooth out the past Until it fits what you want In idyllic desire it's recast Perception is an odd phenomenon
Erasure 05:54
I wish that I were a blank slate Clean and clear of this chalk and dust Free from these misguided etchings But want and wish aren't the same as need and must Strike, score, scribble, scrawl Markings march along this blackened wall Left to right, top to floor The margins explode with etchings galore A story begins to bloom and unfold A prince and a princess, from the tales of old Distraction, confusion begin to take hold The tale abandoned, no ending is told An unbalanced equation Solve for x, derive from y Terms move left, terms move right Exchanging sides of the sign The figures keep adding The sum towers high The balance soon breaks The numbers won't comply The math is abandoned The answer is lost Despite all the labor No solution is sussed All of this unfinished work All of these stories unresolved These proofs left unverified Thoughts left to soon devolve Threads spun far out Reaching into the abyss Connecting to nothing Fruition dismissed Erasing the clutter Removing the mess Reclaiming the blackboard From the rambling excess Some things just don't pan out Some things are just lost in the noise Washed away by the waves of entropy Buried under the ocean of time
Postlude I 07:48
Prelude II 07:25
Silence 07:23
A wall, a blockade, a barrier, and a shell Protection from the outside, Or a retainer for within Silence can serve many purposes Some are easy, some are hard, Some are necessary to survive This particular wall Is for a greater good I must remind myself When I'm doubting if I should It's not a wall of spite It's not a wall of hate It's a wall needed to respect Those things which should be separate The blurry boundaries, once bountiful Led to disputes immutable The only way to preserve the peace Was to force all ties to cease A dangerous thought enters my mind What if I were to cross the divide? To sneak across, clandestinely The temptation sings soft and seductively I must resist the urge to search For a crack, a hole, a lofty perch I mustn't betray my personal vow To compromise my fidelity, I will not allow Some day the day will will come To start tearing down this wall But that day will only come to me When I've surrendered to it my all Only then will this great wall Begin to break apart Then the veil of silence May soon be lifted from my heart
Kronos 07:35
I sit here again The tenth night in a row Sitting with a new-found friend Who also lives under an unnatural, orange-pink glow The lights of the city Burn upward to the sky Clouding the astral landscape Leaving no moon to the star-gazing eye Four points orbit the garden Overseen by a lofty bronze effigy Does it represent expansion and exploration Or the waste laid to a former identity? As with my old friend, the fountain, I come here to sort out my nagging thoughts and weary head The same subject brings me again and again Struggling, seeking to accept that another hope is dead I think back to the times spent with my old friend Then contrast them to the times with the new Have I made any progress understanding myself? Or am I stuck in one place, despite all that I do? My silent friends listen stoically But with advice they are quiet and still One of these nights I must learn for myself The difference between what might be and what never will
Summit 08:00
I begin at the base I look towards the obscured sky Towering before me A mountain soars out of sight First one step, then it's two Three, four, five, I ascend My goal slowly inches closer To the summit, I intend The wind begins to whip A chill cuts to the bone Cuts, bruises, fatigue sets in Pain starts to seem to be all that I have known Will I die at the summit, Or will I die on the slope? Will I achieve my goal, Or fail to reach the peak, and know just only hope? Victory is at last mine! I have now conquered the climb! I stand on the mighty peak No longer so small and weak I cast out my sight To the new world view Beyond mountains, there are mountains My struggle, renewed This summit was a hill Dwarfed by what's ahead Each barrier overcome Replaced by another in its stead
Keepsakes 06:40
A scrap of paper A discarded doodle A ticket stub from an otherwise forgotten film A gift, memento A token of thanks Fragments of feelings dislodged from the past I'm torn, conflicted On how to approach This collection of keepsakes gathered before me Garbage to toss Or treasure to prize? To cling to and cherish or cleanse and perish? Reminders of loss Missteps and mistakes Baggage that weighs me down in the past The ultimate challenge To hold yet not be held To learn and move forward, beyond their shadow Reminders of love A connection, an embrace Nostalgia for the things that simply worked Look back with fondness Sincere, warm, and honest Without doubting that more will lie ahead To bound forth from the past Without being bound to the past Guided, not governed, by our ghosts.
Kafka 07:43
With your eye on the prize A dream of great size Meticulous plans span far flung ahead With effort and labor A hope that you'll savor The fruits that lay at the end of this thread It all starts to change The scenes becomes strange The senses you trust begin to betray What once you held snugly Is now rotten and ugly The dreams dissipate in a dismal display It all changes You're more of a catalyst for a process Than the protagonist of the story These events to unfold won't all address The reasons for your faded glory It all changes In ash baptized The phoenix will rise To soar free of its former cage Propelled towards the sun The transformation is done Entering into a liberated age
Eulogy 04:53
Non fui Fui Non sum Non Curo Today we acknowledge the passage of time From the depths we dug to the summits we climbed The places we went, the sights we saw The journey recounted in stories told tall Today is the day of demarcation A line drawn between despair and elation The end of an era that wore out its stay Resolution eclipsed by the sun's faded rays An now, in the darkness between sunset and sunrise I meditate on the future that beyond daybreak lies Bound no more by the chains of the past I see the dawn spread over a world so fast Was not Was Am Not Do not care
Postlude II 08:13


"Metamorphosis" is Axon-Neuron's third studio album. A double-disc album exploring the ideas of change and transformation through a colorful blend of progressive rock, metal, jazz, and classical music. The 6-piece band is augmented by a 21-piece orchestra on several tracks.


released January 28, 2016

Amanda Rankin - Voice
Ryan McDermott - 6-string electric guitar
Jeremey Poparad - 9-string electric guitar, acoustic guitar (”Koan”),
6-string electric guitar (”Silence,” “Eulogy”), mandolin (”Silence”),
electric bass, and glockenspiel
Steven Miller - Keyboards
Dylan Gomez - Percussion

Orchestra Musicians:

Violin I - Molly Bontrager, Jane Reed
Violin II - Becca Hall, Sarah Husak
Viola - Jamie Thornberg, Jamie Vaughn
Cello - Dan Peters, Miles Richardson
Bass - Ryan Critchfield, Parry Lopez, Bryan Thomas
Flute - Ian Wenz
Oboe - Laura Lazarites
Clarinet - Brad Wagner
Bass Clarinet - Jayne Naragon
Trumpet I - Michael Willard
Trumpet II - Mark Russo
F Horn - Phil Tryon
Trombone - Aaron Thornberry
Percussion - Scott Thomas

Additional vocals on “Koan” - Corey Haren, Dylan Gomzez,
Ryan McDermott, Steven Miller, and Jeremey Poparad

Words and music by Jeremey Poparad

Drums recorded at Tangerine Sound Studios,
Engineered by Ben Vehorn

Guitars and keyboards on “Keepsakes” and
“Postlude II” recorded at Tangerine Sound Studios,
Engineered by Ben Vehorn

All else recorded at Popemobile Studios,
Engineered by Jeremey Poparad
Mixed and mastered by Jeremey Poparad at Popemobile Studios (www.popemobilestudios.com)

Album cover by Mara Fragge
Backgrounds by Jeff Schleis
Disc art by Jeremey Poparad


all rights reserved



Axon-Neuron Akron, Ohio

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